How Difficult is Manaslu Circuit Trek? 8 Tips for Conquering the Challenge

The world holds many wonderful places for us to visit, but there is one thing that makes us all different.

Every location in the world is linked to our desires, readiness, or preferences in terms of sports. So around the world, you can find beautiful tropical places where people would go who would like a slow and calm course of adventure, but also beautiful trails that require excellent preparation.

One such trek is the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

This place is the dream of a large number of travelers around the world who have the desire and want to travel to challenging locations where they can show their readiness, but also enjoy the adrenaline that the visit itself brings.

Knowing that visiting such a location requires great preparation, today we decided to prepare a guide with many tips that every lover of adrenaline experiences could follow.

So let’s see what tips we have prepared for you.

1. Prepare yourself mentally and make a decision

Prepare yourself mentally for hiking

Before you go on such a big challenge you need to sit down and think – is this challenge okay, is it acceptable for you and are you ready to bear all the pressure?

You need to know that this trip requires you to be very well prepared, it requires physical preparation of several months, but also a change of habits during the period you are there. If these changes match, then you’re good to go.

2. It is also important to prepare yourself physically

As we mentioned a little while ago, it is important to work on your physical fitness as well. Before going on such a challenge, you need at least 3 months to work hard on your physical fitness.

It’s important to jog every day, then it’s important to work with weights, and strengthen your arms and legs, but also pay more attention to your food to create a body fit enough to withstand the pressure of this trip.

3. Be prepared with maps and trails

Be Prepared With Maps and Trails

This is your first trip of this type (assuming), so for that very reason, it is necessary to prepare yourself with maps and paths that will guide you throughout the trip.

It is an unspoiled terrain with many steps and a terrain that requires you to be equipped with maps that would show you where and when you need to navigate the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

So look for these papers that save lives and show the way to new adventures, and if you need help look for excellent maps at

4. Hydrate yourself for some time before the trip, but also have plenty of water with you during the tour

It is important that the body is hydrated in order to withstand any pressure, to be able to respond to any challenge, and to be able to stay healthy and in good shape.

For this purpose, we recommend that you hydrate well in the period before you leave for the trip and before you start the challenge, but not only then. Don’t forget that it is important to have plenty of water with you or to hydrate yourself during the Manaslu Circuit Trek as well.

5. Get enough rest before going on this adventure

Get enough rest before hiking

You must not go on such a demanding trip with dead batteries. You must always be rested, even while you are in the city doing your work, and especially you should be rested when you go on such a physically demanding trip.

So make sure you get enough sleep every day, but also make sure you get enough sleep during the Manaslu Circuit Trek, because only then will you be able to withstand the pressure that lies ahead.

6. Wear SPF – the sun is very strong in that location

Wear SPF while hiking

Knowing that Manaslu Circuit Trek is located near a mountain, where the sun is significantly stronger than in cities, it is important to have SPF protection with you. It is necessary to protect the face and parts of the body that will be in direct sunlight.

The sun’s rays are not exactly the most favorable at that altitude, but in general, they can condition the appearance of certain phenomena. So be prepared with a good SPF cream.

7. Carry enough money with you to buy everything you need

Although we know that most of the time you will be surrounded by nature, it is important to have enough money with you.

ATM machines are not available there, that is, they are not available in many locations, so it is best to be prepared with cash that you can use at any time during your trip.

Although Manaslu Circuit Trek is here to give you the adventure you need, sometimes adventures require a willingness with money to be complete.

8. Have an escort with you, it is very important

Hiking with friends

You don’t go on such adventures alone.

It is a fact that even the most experienced mountaineers and adventurers of a similar type would tell you. So make sure you leave your country with an escort and go together to enjoy the beauties of Manaslu Circuit Trek.

You would definitely not be able to take on this challenge alone, so it is best to have a total of 4 people who would help each other, you could be each other’s company but also manage to complete this challenge, which you will talk about afterward around as a lifetime success.


Knowing how much this trip means to many of you readers, we’ve done our best to prepare you so that you go prepared and don’t miss a thing.

So make sure that you go through these tips, and make sure that you have done what you are told, because only then will you be ready to go on the wonderful Manaslu Circuit Trek.

If you decide and are ready for this feat, you will have a memory that you will retell throughout your life, and you will also have something that you will be very proud of.